Meet 7 year-old Jesse from Chatham, Massachusetts.  

Jesse was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma in early 2014, just before his 4th birthday. He is a curious, soft-spoken, friendly little guy with a remarkable blond cowlick, a love of all vehicles, and a passion for building Legos. His Lego masterpieces have impressed doctors and professionals at his treatment hospital, Dana Farber in Boston. During his time away from the hospital he can be found skipping down the halls of his elementary school, playing basketball and baseball with his friends, and exploring around his grandmother's horse farm in Virginia. He has travelled internationally twice since his diagnosis, most recently to Mexico to see ancient Mayan ruins, zip line through the jungle, and snorkel through cenotes. He is an avid swimmer and loves romping in the waves and building sand castles on the beaches of Cape Cod. 

As part of frontline treatment for his diagnosis, Jesse endured countless rounds of high-dose chemo, surgery, stem cell transplant, 24 rounds of proton radiation, and 6 months of immunotherapy, only to relapse immediately following the completion of the protocol treatment. Jesse's treatments are now all trial-based, and have consisted of various experimental anti-cancer drugs, immunotherapies, and systemic radiation.  

With the support and encouragement of his family, which includes his two older sisters and two younger brothers as well as 9 cousins, his classmates and teachers, his wonderful medical care team and his community in general, Jesse has been able to balance fighting cancer with living life to the fullest.