Time Station 04: Parker, Arizona with "Krew"

Len has crossed into Arizona! Time Station 04 in Parker is dedicated to Hopecam child Raymond, nicknamed, "Krew," an 11 year-old from Middleton, Idaho. Krew's mom, Tenna, writes:

Krew was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma type 3, in January 23, 2017. After talking with local doctors and healthcare professionals, we were given the disheartening news that even with a gross total resection (complete removal of the tumor), Krew's 5-year survival statistics are 50%, with re-occurrence happening as soon as 3 weeks after treatment.

For the best chance at survival Krew required proton radiation, a treatment that is fairly rare throughout the United States and relatively new in the medical field, especially in regards to pediatric care. Krew's particular tumor has not been shown to improve with chemotherapy, so that is not an option at this time. Through research and much prayer, we were guided to receive treatment at St. Jude, where the expert on ependymomas currently works and continues research. 

Shortly after arriving in Tennessee, we met with our social worker who told us about Hopecam. As a mother, I am concerned with not only Krew's physical health but his overall well-being. I knew that being so far away from our family and friends would be difficult for him. We filled out the Hopecam application for a Kindle and we were awarded the opportunity for Krew to receive one. Krew was so excited! He waited in anticipation to receive it and when it finally came, you should have seen his face! He immediately opened the package and began familiarizing himself with it. We sent his Skype information out to all his friends and family that evening. Although we had a phone to communicate with everyone, there is something about video chat that makes you feel so much closer to them. He loves Hopecam! 

Krew finished his treatment April 21, 2017. He had his first initial follow-up back in Tennessee on May 30, 2017 and he made sure that he packed his Hopecam Kindle. We will continue to return to Tennessee often for follow up scans and monitoring; because of Hopecam we can stay connected with everyone back home. Thank you again for your generosity and devotion to children like Krew, in ensuring that they are able to connect with their support all over the world." 

About Parker
Parker is a city in La Paz County Arizona on the border with California. It has a population of 3,140 people. The town was founded in 1908, but the original site was laid out in 1909 by a railroad location engineer named Earl H. Parker. The engineer's name is coincidental, as the city was named after a man named Ely Parker, who was the first Native American commissioner for the United States Government. The Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum and Library, which features the Mohave, Chemehuevi, Navajo and Hopi Indian Tribes, works to preserve the local Native American heritage.

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