Meet Max from McLean, Virginia.  

Max is 9 years old and he was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) at age 6 on July 15, 2014. Despite being in remission, he remains in treatment until he's almost ten. Affectionately called, "Amazing Max," he's a true cancer warrior.  Max NEVER complains about going for chemo or even to the hospital.  Max lives a BIG life: he is loud, funny and caring. While still in treatment, Max plays baseball, is on the diving team, and even tried archery. Max is a natural scientist and a huge fan of technology. While just a kid, he's truly Amazing in every way.

When Max was in the hospital during diagnosis, his family submitted an application for a Hopecam connection. Max was overjoyed when the iPad arrived in the mail a few weeks later. Max immediately started to connect with friends and family. In those early weeks, Max's Hopecam connection brought happiness during a time of loneliness and isolation. During treatment days, Max still looks forward to using his Hopecam to connect with his classmates. Max likes to show them around the clinic and his friends usually share jokes and stories to cheer him up. He would like to thank Hopecam for keeping him connected to family and friends.