Time Station 07: Prescott with Denajia

Len has just completed two steep climbs to arrive at Prescott, with the Yarnell grade at 1,800 feet in 7 miles, and through Prescott National Forests to Iron Springs at 1,100 feet in 6 miles. RAAM organizers say it's the most difficult climbing west of Maryland. Superhuman effort, Len!

At Prescott, Arizona, Len dedicates his ride to our superhero, Denajia. Here are a few words from her family:


"Denajia and I are so very thankful for the support and we cannot thank you enough. Denajia has had a very emotional and difficult journey with the treatment as she has been removed from her school. Denajia has been very isolated from her friends and family. With the help from Hopecam, she is able to Skype and contact people she no longer gets to see and she has a little entertainment as well."

About Prescott
Prescott is a city located in Yavapai County. The population here is 40,958, with 91 percent of the population being urban and the other 9 percent rural. The average age of residents in Prescott is 57 years old. Many residents come to Prescott to retire due to the agreeable climate. The population density is 1,105 people per square mile.

The Yavapai-Prescott Indian tribe is located next to and partially within the borders of Prescott, and is where the name Yavapai County came from. Prescott was the capital of Arizona territory until November 1, 1867 and was officially incorporated in 1880.

Places to see in Prescott include the Sharlot Hall Museum, which has a lot of history about the territory, the Smoki Museum, which has a bunch of antique and Indian collections, and Whiskey Row, which contains a lot of historic buildings. Another place to see is the Yavapai County Courthouse, which is where Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater launched his election campaign in 1964.