Time Station 05: Salome with Aaron & David

Len has begun climbing, pedaling through Salome at 1,864 feet above sea level. As he reaches TS 05, he's thinking of Aaron, a 7 year old from Chesapeake, Virginia.  Aaron reached out to Hopecam today to ask that Len share his Time Station Dedication with his new friend David, a junior cyclist who is also battling cancer. 

Thank you to Tammy for sharing her son Aaron's story:



"Aaron was diagnosed in September 2015 with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  After months of intense chemo treatments and unable to retain admission we relocated to Duke University Hospital for a Bone Marrow Transplant. While at Duke we were introduced to Hopecam.

Aaron had barely started school at the time of his diagnosis so he hadn’t made many friends yet, but the program and tablet still benefited him. For Aaron, this was a great source of comfort and entertainment. Having moments of joy in the midst of so many medical ups and downs is an amazing gift for not only Aaron, but for me as well.

We are not a traditional Hopecam family in that Aaron never really had a classroom to stay connected to, but as we look forward, Hopecam will be a blessing in facilitating Aaron's return to school for 2nd grade. Aaron is now 15 months post Bone Marrow Transplant, and we are overjoyed and blessed to be beginning conversations about his return to school. Thank you for being a blessing to my life."


Thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her son David's story:



"In January of 2017, David was diagnosed with pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Because he is 11 and he presented with a white blood cell count of 425,000, he is classified as high risk.  He had to undergo aphaeresis that night in order to begin treatment.  With the expected hiccups during induction and consolidation we thought we were prepared for interim maintenance.  Unfortunately, David developed methotrexate neurotoxicity.  He spent an additional 19 days as an inpatient.  He suffered three seizures which resulted in right side paralysis.  He is still receiving rehabilitation therapy upon discharge.  One of the concerns discussed by the Rehab physician was David might not recover his balance sufficiently to be able to ride a two wheeled bicycle.  

David’s determined spirit was developed through cycling.  He has learned to use setbacks to make him a better person as well as athlete.  

He has been riding his bicycle at his brother’s races since he was five years old.  He started competing himself when he was 8 years old in road cycling, cyclocross and mountain biking.  Last spring he took up track.  He is the current 11-12 year old Virginia Cycling Association’s Junior Best All Around Rider.  The support of the cycling community has been instrumental in encouraging and supporting David in his recovery as well as his race against leukemia."


About Salome
Salome, Arizona has a lot of historical artifacts. Just south of this town there is a boulder covered with petroglyphs which people believe was created by the Native Americans who traveled through here in the 1800s. Also, this town has a very old prison. It was a small cave that was said to keep prisoners inside. The prison had concrete beds for them. It is said that the location of the ancient prison was also where Native Americans got the gold they needed to trade for goods in town at stores. In addition to the prison, there are many other outdoor structures and more caves. Salome, Arizona is also known for its mines; at one time this area had a plethora of gold.