Day 4 RAAM


On Day 4 of RAAM, Len cycled his biggest day yet - from Tuba City, Arizona to Durango, Colorado, on the bike for 20+ hours.  He cycled 249 miles with an elevation of 10,751 ft, averaging a speed of 13 miles an hour, and a Strava Suffer Score of 391.  The Strava Suffer Score is an analysis of your heart rate data. The more time you spend going full steam ahead and the longer you ride, the higher the score. 

Race Across America is named the 'World's Toughest Bicycle Race' for a reason.  RAAM is one of the longest annual endurance events in the world, it is about 1,000 miles longer than the Tour de France and has to be completed in half the time. Based on the race’s 35-year history, only half of solo riders will make it to the finish line, and we are seeing that play out now.  As 25% of this years RAAM solo riders are not finishing (DNF).  The conditions this year for RAAM are very unique.  Seasoned RAAM competitor Gerhard Gulewicz whom has started every RAAM since 2006, ended his 12th RAAM early yesterday.

Yesterday early morning, Len started off from Tuba City, Arizona - he rode like he did back when he competed in 2012.  The temperatures began to rise with temps reaching over 100 degrees.  Thank you again to Earth Networks for providing our crew real time weather data.  A fellow RAAM competitor 'Valerio Zamboni' that Len raced against in 2012 is back again at this years RAAM.  Valerio was a favorite to win back in 2012 and Len passed him back then.  Last night Len passed him again.  They have a friendly rivalry.

Len caught up with his friend Dave Viens at Mexican Hat, Utah. Dave had a 20 mile lead on Len earlier in the day.  Len cycles with Dave back home in Virginia, and he got to cycle with him in Utah on the course!  Dave competed in the Race Across the West (RAW) to raise resources for the Team Green Beret Foundation.  RAW begins at the same place as RAAM does in Oceanside, California and ends at Durango, CO.  Dave cycled into first place this morning winning the 2017 RAW  Solo Male ( 50-59 )!

Len has an amazing crew supporting him during RAAM.  The team continues to work great together, considering most of the crew have never done anything like this before or met until last weekend.  Great job crew, keep up the amazing team work.  To learn more about the crew: Crew Bio's.  Len's good friend who was also a best man at his wedding 'Bill Vitek' has joined them for the next 6 days too.  

Len cycled into Durango around 3 am EST time, and ate an amazing meal from Crew Chef Brandon Snow, and received alternating massages from our 2 massage therapists Charlly Enroth and Matt Hersh.  Great collaboration between the 2!  Len took a much needed sleep after cycling 250 miles in 100+ degrees heat and climbing in the mountain ranges, not to mention adjusting to the Colorado altitude.

Day 5, Len will see his toughest climb yet up to the Continental Divide and Wolf Creek Pass.  Photos from Day 4 below.