Time Station 13: Montezuma Creek with David

Len continued through Utah, following the path of the San Juan River, and navigating the cattle guards that prevent the open range livestock from crossing the roadways.  AT TS13 in Montezuma Creek, he is inspired by 7 year-old David of Sebring, Florida.

Our sponsors for Montezuma Creek are emeritus Hopecam board director Jim Todd and his wife Sharon. We appreciate the Todd family’s continuous support!

David's mom, Melannie shares:

"David was diagnosed with Leukemia in April last year. It was a difficult time for our family as we also had to care for our two daughters. David had a series of chemotherapy sessions but still ended up having a bone marrow transplant last November 10, 2016. Due to his weak immune system and his frequent clinic visits, he had to stop going to school. He was then enrolled in the hospital homebound program in our county.

David's hospital homebound program had to stop for a while since he needed to stay in the hospital for months during his transplant, and other long hospitalizations in preparation for his transplant. We are fortunate that despite being confined in a room for months, David was still able to continue his school program with the help of Hopecam and the hospital teacher as well.

It was such a blessing seeing my son communicating with his classmates through Skype. David felt like he was still part of the school program. David was inspired to read more, explore his math skills, and was challenged to do other stuff like normal kids do at school. David  felt that despite being in the hospital for so long he could still learn and do school-related activities. I remember those days when he woke up excitedly because he said "he has school." David was always happy to see his classmates and friends on Skype, talk to them, read stories with them and be a part of the classroom activities and discussions.

We are truly grateful to Hopecam for all their help and support during this difficult time in our lives. We are praying that God will continue to bless this program to be able to help and be a blessing to other families like ours."

About Montezuma Creek
Montezuma Creek is a census-designated place (CDP) in San Juan County, Utah with a population of only 335. Montezuma Creek, named for a tributary of the San Juan River, is located within and partially outside the boundaries of the Navajo Nation on the northwestern border of the vast Indian Reservation known locally as "The Rez." It is a center for oil and gas field work in the area, and a school as well as several churches. A large feature in Montezuma Creek is the Top of the World, which is a prime gathering and social spot for locals. Its name is derived from it being the highest point in the Montezuma Creek area.