Time Station 14: Cortez, Colorado with Ezra

Len and the team make their first Colorado checkpoint in Cortez. To arrive here, he ascended about 2,000 feet in altitude, and passed by "Sleeping" Ute Mountain that resembles a great warrior god and chief, according to local legend. At TS14, we thank Securitas for their support of the Race for Hope.

Len dedicates this time station to 17 year-old Ezra from Savannah, Georgia. We will learn more about Ezra's story later in the race, as he is our DAY 7 Honored Child (or, you can skip ahead and read about him!).

Ezra's mom, Bereatha, shares the beginning of their journey: 

"August 14, 2015 started out as a typical late summer Friday. The sky was blue, the temperature was normal, Savannah, Georgia-hot and everything seemed perfect. However, by the end of that day we could no longer remember the meaning of words like 'typical,' 'normal,' or 'perfect.' What started out as the beginning of a beautiful weekend became the beginning of our cancer journey. An initial brain scan indicated that our fifteen year old son Ezra “EZ” had a large tumor like mass near his brain stem...

...Throughout Ezra's treatment, he was able to Skype with friends, classmates and teachers using the technology given to him by Hopecam. Being able to connect with his peers gave him hope that soon he would be able to return to a normal life."

About Cortez
Cortez is a small town located in the southwestern portion of Colorado between the desert and mountains. The town can offer beautiful high elevated mountain views or views from the arid environment in the high desert. The climate is generally mild and dry, with over 300 days of sunshine each year. It features a small population of just 8,602 people. The area is well known for its archaeological resources such as the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park and Crow Canyon. These unique ruins and artifacts are what is left behind by ancestral Puebloans who had lived in the area for over 8 centuries. Cortez has one of the largest park systems for its size, with over 160 acres.

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