Meet 9 year-old Austin from Durham, North Carolina.  Austin's mother Dominique shares how Austin uses his Hopecam tablet:

"Austin received a bone marrow transplant for Leukemia in May of 2015. Without an immune system, he is unable to be around other people and is strictly restricted from going outside of our home. Austin has never been to school and has no idea what school is like, or how other kids interact with one another.

Hopecam has blessed Austin with the possibilities to attend school like other kids his age. Since Hopecam provided an iPad and internet for Austin, he has been able to make friends with his classmates, attend reading activities, and even watch a movie with his classmates from his home. Hopecam has been a blessing to not only Austin but to our family as a whole. Hopecam has kept Austin connected with his class and up to date with all of his homework.

With Austin being behind from all of the hospital stays, his iPad gives him the opportunity to find apps that his school recommends. These help him with learning how to read without him actually realizing that he's doing homework. I don't think he would be excelling this much without Hopecam, and I greatly appreciate it."