Meet 12 year-old Dunnovan of Austin, Texas who is battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Here's an excerpt of Dunnovan's story from his parent Christina:  

"In a situation like ours, you can imagine how difficult it is to maintain contact with the outside world. Children undergoing inpatient chemotherapy and in particular a bone marrow transplant are extremely immunocompromised, meaning they don’t have the ability to fight even the most basic infection. As a result, they are isolated and enjoy very little face-to-face interaction with friends and loved ones.

For Dunnovan this sort of solitary confinement is further exacerbated since we have had to leave home for a city where we have no support system. Hospital and other public wi-fi is often poor, and Hopecam provided Dunnovan with a wi-fi device that has helped him stay connected to family, friends and his teacher. We are truly grateful to organizations like Hopecam for everything they have done for Dunnovan and others fighting childhood cancer across the country. Thank you Hopecam!"  Read more about Dunnovan's story.