Meet 8 year-old Michael from Manassas. His parent Catherine shares:

"Michael is the third oldest among our six children. Michael loves to play with his siblings and to go to school; he enjoys his classmates and teachers tremendously. Michael was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on March 26, 2017. A week earlier he had won the second grade spelling bee, and 24 hours before his diagnosis, he was playing on his grandparents’ farm, climbing trees and running from snakes.

One of the hardest parts for Michael has been the social isolation that comes along with pediatric cancer. As a mother, I have seen him already stripped of many parts of his childhood. The saddest part is that we all know it is not something we can get back for him. He can no longer play on his soccer team, the summer swim team is not an option, Cub Scouts has been taken away because he cannot go camping or be in large groups of people. But, for Michael, the worst part was not being able to go to school. Finding out about Hopecam and what the founder of Hopecam is trying to do for children like Michael has been a dream come true.

Michael has become much less depressed realizing he still CAN "go to school," just from a different location. Seeing his fellow second graders through Hopecam reenergizes him and gives him a reason to get up each morning and keep fighting. These children like Michael have to fight everyday and are so brave. Michael wants to say 'THANK YOU' to Hopecam and all the sponsors."