Time Station 20: Trinidad is Dedicated to Tara

Len came through the scenic, Cucharas Pass of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains this morning to arrive in Trinidad. We thank Colorado-East State Sponsor, Earth Treks, for their support! Len dedicates TS20 to 12 year-old Tara of Fairfax, Virginia. We are grateful to her parent Tammy for sharing this story: 

"Tara is a 12 year old with Astrocytoma Grade 2 brain cancer. Tara has undergone 70+ weeks of IV chemotherapy and then relapsed 6 months after the completion of her initial treatment. She then went on 8 months of oral chemotherapy. Tara has also undergone 3 brain surgeries to remove tumors on the left side of her brain. Tara continues to have MRI's every 3 months to check the status of her tumors to make sure that there has been no growth.

When Tara was in 3rd grade at Lees Corner Elementary, she was undergoing her IV chemotherapy and was missing multiple days a week at school. As a result, we were connected with Hopecam. They provided the school with all the necessary equipment for Tara to be able to connect with some of her schoolmates while at her chemo clinic. I think this was extremely helpful for Tara so she did not feel so isolated or alone while going through this.

This also helped her classmates see what she was going through on a weekly basis. I received word from some parents that this helped their kids better understand that Tara was not just missing school because she was having fun. It really helped them to understand what struggles Tara was undergoing and to be more compassionate.

Hopecam really helps kids connect with their classmates when they are going through a rough time and it helps them not feel so isolated.  Len, you are amazing to do this for our kids and that can never be repaid."

About Trinidad
Trinidad is a relatively small city in Las Animas County, Colorado. Trinidad is only 15 miles from New Mexico and the Santa Fe Trail. Trinidad was incorporated in 1876, just a few months before Colorado officially became a state. It was first explored by Spanish traders because of its location on the Santa Fe Trail. In the early 1900s, Trinidad became known for having the first woman sports editor, Ina Young. Important sites to see include the Bloom Mansion, which was created in 1882, the Trinidad History Museum, and the Trinidad Lake State Park. 

About Earth Treks
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