Day 6 RAAM


On Day 6 of RAAM, Len cycled 261 miles, averaging a speed of 15.5 miles an hour.  As of 10:40 AM June 19th Len has cycled in 1500 miles in just over 6 days.

Morning Day 6 Ride

Afternoon Day 6 Ride

Len rode into to La Veta, Colorado battling a 25mph headwind, the strong wind made Len cycle at a slower pace and he felt deflated as he was hoping to arrive at La Veta earlier than he did since he was already behind schedule.  Accordingly to Len he did not factor in 3 items before heading of to this years RAAM:

  1. With all the rain and cooler temperatures we have had back in Virginia he did not train in the heat, and the heat in the desert set him back.  
  2. Len has been very focused on fundraising so that Hopecam can connect another 1,000 children.  Amongst running his company Milestone Communications and traveling for speeches, that he did not get in as much training as he would of hoped.
  3. The distance to the Flagstaff timestation was lengthened to a century ride - it was much shorter back in 2012. 

Len's goals are to stay focused and be more efficient with breaks and resting, and 'punch it out' as he says.  He was in the mindspace of this being a 'ride' and realizes now this is a 'race'.  If he does not make the next cut off time at TS35 (it is a hard cut off) he will DNF.  After speaking with him tonight he is very focused, he knows how many people are routing for him, and he knows what he needs to do to make the cutoff time.  Again, they call RAAM the 'World's Toughest Bike Race' for a reason, because this is the toughest race anyone can endure mentally and physically in 12 days.

Although Len has a crew of 10 amazing people with him, he is very isolated on the bike.  It is very lonely being on the bike by yourself all day and all night with very little social interaction.  Mentally the isolation can be very tough.  Thankfully the crew was able to get the communication system (Terrano) up and running so they could talk to Len while he is on the bike.  They will be able to talk with him more and share stories, and keep him motivated and awake.

Yesterday was Father's Day and how special of a day it was for Len to have his son Matt traveling in his crew while he races across America.  The crew and Len hope everyone had a fantastic Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day From Len and his Hopecam Crew.

Happy Father's Day From Len and his Hopecam Crew.

Len was thrilled to be out of the Colorado Rockies, and onward to the flat plains!

From John Moore Crew Chief "The hotels we can find at midnight are not always top shelf #washmyhandsaftershower".

From John Moore Crew Chief:

"The hotels we can find at midnight are not always top shelf. #washmyhandsaftershower"

Also I was told that the restroom stops in the middle of no where for the crew can be a little scary.  I hope they have a lot of hand sanitizer.