Time Station 26: Pratt is Dedicated to Marleigh

Len is halfway to Annapolis as he rides into Pratt, Kansas! He has pedaled 1,543 miles in 6 days, with the support of an awesome crew. The team appreciate your messages, and read them out to Len for inspiration -- he's on the bike about 20 hours a day! He dedicates his ride at TS26 to 8 year-old Marleigh from Baldwyn, Mississippi. Marleigh's mom Tanekka shares her story:

"In the summer of 2015 Marleigh began experiencing some aches and pains that she had never had before. We were taking her back and forth to the pediatrician and the local ER for several months with no answer as to what was going on with her.

In December, Marleigh was awakened by severe pain in her legs and back. We took her to the emergency room where they ran several tests. The ER doctor contacted Leboner Children's Hospital, and was told to run a specific set of tests before sending us to Memphis. Those tests revealed her Leukemia markers were off, so we were sent to St Jude immediately. We arrived on December 7, and had an official diagnosis on December 8.

The Hopecam program was very instrumental in allowing Marleigh to maintain a consistent presence in her classroom. This helped Marleigh stay connected and feel like a normal child. We thank God for the Hopecam program. "

About Pratt
With a population of 6,500, Pratt is a highly diversified community accompanied by a small town feel. It's the regional center for shopping, medical care, higher education, cultural activities, industry, agriculture and recreation. Pratt has over 270 acres of parks and recreation facilities and is home to Pratt Community College. This city was founded in 1884 and named after Caleb S. Pratt, a young Civil War officer who was killed in the battle of Wilson's Creek in Missouri. Pratt is also known for its inclusion in the Stephen King novel “The Stand."