Time Station 28: El Dorado with Chris

Len and the crew make their way around Wichita and the crew is likely re-stocking supplies, as it's the largest urban area they will be in for a while. In El Dorado, Len is thinking of former Hopecam child and now 6th grader Chris from Chantilly, Virginia who is 4 years in remission! Thank you to BridgeBuilder for your support at TS28 that helps more children like Chris stay connected.

Chris's parent shares this encouraging story about his experience:

"Four years ago, Chris was to start 2nd grade; however, right before school was to begin, a renal tumor was found. Instead of enjoying and participating in the first day of school, Chris underwent abdominal surgery. He was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor and began chemotherapy and radiation treatment immediately.

Unfortunately, Chris was unable to go to school and instead was home-taught through Loudoun County. Because of Hopecam, he was able to Skype with his class everyday and interact with all of his new classmates. For months, Skyping was the daily activity he cherished most. Once he was healthy enough to return to school, the transition was easy -- simply because he felt comfortable meeting the kids he’d been working virtually with everyday. Something Hopecam made possible.

Thank you for giving my son a connection to his friends. Because of your generosity, our son seamlessly transitioned back into the classroom and was able to easily pass the time while receiving his chemotherapy. Today he’s now a happy, energetic and normal 6th grader.  He is 4 years cancer free!!!! We are forever grateful."

About El Dorado
El Dorado is a beautiful, historical place with many amazing buildings and sights to behold. El Dorado was incorporated to the seat of Butler County on September 12, 1871. The name was derived from the Spanish term meaning “place of wealth and abundance.” Since then, El Dorado has been able to grow and now has a population of about 12,910 people. El Dorado is a very historical place where you can visit the Kansas Oil and Gas Museum, El Dorado State Park, and enjoy the Kafir Corn Festival every summer.

About BridgeBuilder
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