Time Station 30: Fort Scott with Finley

Len cycles into the final stop in Kansas, Fort Scott. Here, he's remembering our Day 5 Honored Child, 6 year-old Finley, who is from Lenexa, Kansas, about 80 miles north. Thank you to Debbie and John Beatty for inspiring Len through RAAM’s Time Station 30, and supporting the solutions that help children like Finley stay connected to their friends at school.

Finley was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in June of 2016. She had to miss quite a bit of school this year, and was very excited when Hopecam got set up. Her teacher worked with Finley and her family on a daily basis, determining the best time for her to join the class virtually. Read about the impact of Hopecam for Finley and her classmates, here>>

About Fort Scott
Fort Scott is a small town in Kansas, almost 3 hours from Wichita, consisting of approximately 7,874 people. Fort Scott was incorporated in 1860 and is only 5.43 square miles. It is the home of the Fort Scott National Historic Site and the Fort Scott National Cemetery. Fort Scott is named for Gen. Winfield Scott. It was established and garrisoned by the U.S. Army from 1842–1853 as a frontier fort. Fort Scott saw many of the unfortunate events that gave rise to the nickname “Bleeding Kansas” leading up to the Civil War. The town was also devastated by a fire that destroyed several historical buildings in 2005. Today, the Fort Scott Greyhound minor league affiliate of the Kansas City Royals keeps the town’s baseball fans entertained.