Time Station 29: Yates Center is for Jessica

From El Dorado into Yates Center, Len and the crew picked up Route 54 again. They will continue on this road for the next 240 miles. TS29 is dedicated to 14 year-old Jessica who is from 300 miles south of Yates Center, in Paris, Arkansas. We are grateful to Stealth Concealment Solutions for their support of Hopecam. Jessica's parent Mary shares what Hopecam has meant to her:

"Jessica's journey started April 25, 2016 when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Since then, she has gone through several phases of chemotherapy, each with its own side effects.

Although her journey has been long, and at times very complicated, thanks to the help of Hopecam she has been able to continue school and was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society again. Jessica has been able to keep in touch with friends, which has been good for her to not feel left out. Jessica will get to move on to high school with the rest of her class. Although she will only go part time, she will still get to keep up with the help of the internet.

I would like to thank Hopecam for giving her the opportunity to keep up and not lose a year or lose contact with the extra support she needed."

About Yates Center
Yates Center, Kansas is located in Woodson County. The population in 2014 was 1,350. Yates Center was established in August 1875 as the County seat of Woodson County due to the availability of water, which was lacking in the surrounding areas. The town was named for Abner Yates, who came to Kansas in the late 1860's after the Civil War to invest in the land. Yates Center is known in Kansas at the hay capital of Kansas and for having the Woodson County Historical Museum. The town also hosts the Woodson County Fair.

About Stealth Concealment Solutions
STEALTH® Concealment Solutions was founded in 1992, and was the first U.S. company to engineer and construct antenna concealments for the wireless industry. We have full manufacturing capabilities, as well as a nationwide sales network. From church towers and flagpoles to cacti and trees, STEALTH® has experience making every type of concealment and excels at finding solutions for difficult jobs. Today, STEALTH® works with wireless carriers, general contractors, site acquisition specialists, RF engineers, architects and engineering firms and building owners on more than 750 concealment projects nationwide per year.