Time Station 31: Weaubleau, Missouri with Shyann

The terrain begins to change as Len crosses from Kansas into his first stop in Missouri. The straight flat road traveling due east will now curve, climb and descend into Weaubleau and beyond. At TS31, Len gets inspiration from Day 6 Honor Child, 14 year-old Shyann of Pleasant Hill, Missouri. We are thankful to the Lindsey Joelle Miller Fund for their support of Hopecam, and many other great organizations helping children.

"Throughout her cancer journey, Shyann had many hospital stays and months of being at home. When we learned about Hopecam, we jumped on it. It has been a great way for her to keep up in the classroom and stay in touch with her friends and family. Thanks to Hopecam, along with her determination, she has remained on the Honor Roll throughout this journey." Read Shyann's story, here>>

About Weaubleau
Weaubleau is a town in Hickory County, Missouri founded in 1867. Weaubleau was first called Haran, but later renamed for the stream upon which it is located. The town was founded by the members of the Congregational Christian Church who settled in the area. Later, the townsfolk founded the Weaubleau Christian College. Today, the town has fewer than 550 residents. Weaubleau is known for its proximity to a probable meteoritic impact crash site known as the Weaubleau structure. It is believed to be caused by a 1,200 foot meteor that crashed to Earth between 335 and 340 million years ago.

About Lindsey Joelle Miller Fund
Lindsey Joelle Miller died on March 11, 2004 from a tragic car accident. In honor of Lindsey's memory, we have created the "Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial Fund", under the auspices of the Montgomery County Community Foundation. Creating the Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial Fund is our way of expressing our enduring and never ending love for our daughter. Your contribution will help us honor Lindsey's memory and bring hope to children in need.