Time Station 33: Jefferson City with Jonathan

Len pedals past Lake of the Ozarks and further northeast to arrive at Jefferson City, situated along the Missouri River. He dedicates this time station to 9 year-old Jonathan from Memphis, Tennessee. At TS33, we thank KCIC for their support of Hopecam!

Jonathan's parent Brandi shares:

"Jonathan was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma December 2015, and beat that, but this past summer, his cancer came back. Even though he only got to go to school for a week, through Hopecam he was able to communicate with his classmates and his teachers. He is grateful for the tablet and technology that allows him to communicate with the outside world when he is stuck inside." 

About Jefferson City
Jefferson City, MO is the capital of the state of Missouri, the county seat of Cole County, and the seventh largest city in the state. Jefferson City is named after Thomas Jefferson and is known as "America's most beautiful small town". Located high on a bluff on the south side of the Missouri River, Lewis and Clark crossed over this land as they crossed the Missouri River long before European settlers established a settlement in 1821.

Long before Columbus' voyage, the area around Jefferson City was settled by an ancient tribe known as the Mound Builders, who, during a 5,000-year period, constructed various styles of earthen mounds for religious and ceremonial, burial, and elite residential purposes. By the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the Osage Indians inhabited the area. Today, Jefferson City has nearly 45,000 residents, most of whom work for the state government.

About KCIC
KCIC is a consulting firm that helps companies manage their product liabilities. We exist at the intersection of technology and deep consulting expertise — delivering greater efficiency, clarity and insights.