Time Station 34: Dedicating Washington to Kourtney

Steep, winding roads marked the stretch of the route into Washington, Missouri. Just a few miles after Time Station 34, Len will have completed 2/3 of the race -- go, Len, go! We thank Sabre Industries for helping us toward reaching our $1 million goal. Len dedicates TS34 to 12 year-old Kourtney from Memphis, Tennessee. Her parent Sherri writes:

"Kourtney is a 12 year old who was diagnosed with ALL last July. Since then he has not been able to do much or go to school. Kourtney has used his Hopcam connection (tablet and wifi) to stay in touch with friends and family. Hopecam sent his friend across town a webcam so they can Skype!"

About Washington
Washington is located in Franklin County, Missouri. It is the corncob pipe capital of the world. When first founded, Washington was a Missouri river boat landing. In 2014 the population was 14,020. Washington is located approximately 50 miles west of downtown St. Louis, Missouri and was one of the first American cities west of the Mississippi River. While not officially founded until May 29, 1839, there were settlers living at this location when Lewis and Clark started their trip to the west in 1804.

About Sabre Industries
In the industry for nearly 40 years, Sabre provides highly-engineered support structures for a wide variety of industries including electric transmission and distribution, wireless communications, renewable energy, oil and gas, and government and defense. An integrated provider, we also offer a variety of value-added services that are critical to the development, expansion, and maintenance of both power delivery systems and wireless communication networks.