Time Station 36: Greenville, IL with Brodey

Entering the 7th state on the race route, Len powers into Greenville, Illinois. Here, he's thinking about 8 year-old Brodey. We are grateful to Baker Tilly for their continued support of Hopecam and sponsorship of TS36. Brodey's parent Lee shares his story with us:

"Brodey was a normal 6 year old boy until Feb 17, 2015. After several weeks of increasing headaches and throwing up, Brodey was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. Brodey underwent a brain resection, 6 weeks of radiation and 7 months of chemotherapy. Brodey received his treatment at St Jude Research Hospital Memphis TN (amazing place).

Brodey now is one year three months post cancer treatment and is showing no evidence of new disease. He is such a happy 8 year-old little boy now, considering all the things he has been through. Brodey loves spending time with family, parents Andy and Lee Ann,  and sister Collins.

Hopecam was amazing to Brodey. They made it possible for Brodey to communicate with his friends and family while going through treatment. Hopecam really helped lift Brodey's spirits during a time when he needed his spirits lifted."

About Greenville
Greenville, Illinois is located approximately 45 minutes east of St. Louis in Bond County. Greenville was incorporated as a city on September 17, 1872.  Greenville currently has a population of 7,000 residents. It is home to Greenville College, the Richard Bock Museum, the American Farm Heritage Museum, and the Armed Forces Museum. Greenville was founded by George Davidson in 1815 when he purchased 160 acres along the bluff overlooking Little Shoal Creek. He built a tavern and began selling lots to settlers in what was the Illinois Territory. Greenville was well known as a stop on the Underground Railroad helping slaves escape from Missouri. Today, Greenville has an old-fashioned downtown, with murals and antique shops. The town is also where Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglass conducted one of their famous debates while running for the U.S. Senate.

About Baker Tilly
Baker Tilly is one of the oldest and largest certified public accounting and consulting firms in the U.S. and is an independent member of Baker Tilly International, the world’s 8th largest network of accounting firms.