Time Station 35: Mississippi River with Ashley

Our Day 8 child, Ashley, was Len and the crew's inspiration all day, yesterday and through the night, to reach the Mississippi River. Time Station 35 is also dedicated to Ashley! This milestone was also a cut off for RAAM riders, and the team couldn't have done it without the help of TS35 sponsor, Earth Networks

18 year-old Ashley from Memphis Tennessee just graduated high school and got a full ride to Vanderbilt! She writes:

"Hopecam has been an important part in helping me graduate by allowing me to communicate with my school and do research to finish assignments for my classes. I thank my donor for my tablet as it has been a major help through my treatment. I am halfway done with my sessions and I plan to do some internships in the summer for the mayor's office while on treatment. Read Ashley's story, here>>

About Mississippi River
The Mississippi River gets its name from the French adaptation of the Ojibwe word Misi-ziibi, meaning “Great River.” The river traverses 10 US states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana . It ranks as the fourth largest river in the world.

About Earth Networks
We empower companies and organizations to automate business decisions with hyper-local weather intelligence data from a network of environmental and lightning sensors around the world. https://www.earthnetworks.com/