Time Station 37: Effingham with Ava

Len cycles into the "Crossroads of Opportunity" at Effingham, where I-57 intersects with I-70 (that goes all the way to Maryland!). Thank you to Donohue & Stearns for their support at TS37. He dedicates this quiet ride at night to Ava, whose memory he rode for on Day 3 of RAAM. Ava's parent shares:

"Ava was our fun-loving, sweet, smart and spunky 9-year-old girl who lit up every room she entered. Ava loved adventure, in fact, Ava inspired our family saying, “You know it’s going to be fun if you have to sign a waiver.” Read Ava's story, here>>

About Effingham
Effingham, Illinois has a population of 12,328 people. It is named after Lord Effingham who was the general of the British army in 1775. Effingham Illinois is usually known for its conspiracy theories about being haunted and its multiple cemeteries. Ramsey cemetery is believed to be the most haunted and most popular. The cemetery supposedly has haunted caves and there have also been reports of a werewolf, and a man in black with glowing red eyes. There have also been reports of ghostly figures. Strange sounds, and strange lights! Effingham, Illinois is very spooky.

About Donohue & Stearns
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