Meet 14 year-old Jordan from Meridian, Mississippi.  Jordan's mom Tonya writes:

"Jordan's journey with Brain cancer started August 28, 2016 at age 13. Since then, Jordan had to miss his last year of middle school with his friends, move out of state and be away from family and friends, and losing his hair as a teen didn't help. All Jordan’s been worried about is missing school and seeing his friends and family.

Hopecam has been a blessing to Jordan -- it has allowed him to be in another state and Skype family, friends, and his school. Hopecam has allowed him to get online like teenagers like to do and complete school work online while receiving cancer treatments. We are now home and Hopecam is still allowing him to be able to do all of those things as he's still not able to attend school. Jordan will only be allowed half days when schools start back as a freshman in high school until he's better. Having Hopecam will help so much and still allow Jordan to get online and do school work.

We want to thank you for the bottom of our hearts for all the support and prayers."