Meet 9 year-old Noah from Oakton, Virginia.  Noah's parent Sara shares:

"In October of 2012, our son Noah began getting sick with colds, flus, infections, and more. After numerous doctor visits, high fevers, blood tests, and doctors making us feel like we were overreacting, my husband and I decided to take Noah to Children’s Hospital in D.C. At 9:30PM on December 20, 2012 our lives forever changed - our whole family forever changed.

On December 21st,  Noah underwent his first surgery, a bone marrow aspiration. This confirmed he had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. His diagnosis meant that he would undergo intense treatment right away. The following day, Noah had a second surgery to insert a port into his chest, he also had a spinal tap and chemotherapy pushed into his spine. Soon after Noah was diagnosed, we heard about Hopecam. The feeling of isolation and missing friends was bringing him down. Hopecam helped bring Noah's smile back. His favorite part of his day was talking with his friends and seeing his teachers. Thank you, Hopecam! 

Today, Noah is a happy, healthy 9 year-old boy who lives life to the fullest! He enjoys playing baseball, being with friends, family and eating Mac N' Cheese!!"