Meet 9 year-old Elaina who is from Rohrersville, Maryland.  Her parent Amanda writes:

"Elaina is a kind, loving, nine year old young lady who recently (19 April 2017) has been diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia. Her journey began with a swollen lymph node on her neck as the only sign, followed by a biopsy and then a confirmed diagnosis at Walter Reed National Military Center. Since the diagnosis, she has started chemotherapy, and had several lumbar punctures and bone marrow aspirations. Elaina is in great spirits, given the severity of her current health, and wants to support Len Forkas in the Race Across America (RAAM) by following his progress in the 3,089 mile bike race. Elaina is very new to the Hopecam team but she utilizes the program to stay in contact with her 3rd grade class."