Time Station 51: Dedicating Hanover to Olivia

RAAM organizers describe the two climbs at the start of the route from Rouzerville to Hanover as "the last serious sustained ones of the race." It's a race to the finish line for Len from TS51. Thank you to Mooring Financial for their support of the Race for Hope.

Len dedicates his efforts here to the memory of 6 year-old Olivia from Richmond, Virginia who bravely battled over the last year. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, and we are grateful that they shared with us:


Olivia was diagnosed with a Stage IV Wilm's tumor in July 2016. It was found accidentally due to an injury sustained while playing at summer camp. After the tumor was found, she endured chemotherapy treatments on a weekly basis and then radiation. She was a very brave little girl with the biggest smile and the biggest heart.

About Hanover
Hanover, Pennsylvania is a beautiful township with many amazing places to go and sites to see. Hanover was settled in 1730 when settlers from Pennsylvania and Maryland arrived. Hanover was named after a city in Germany. Over the years, Hanover has been able to grow and now has a total population of about 15,403 people. Hanover is home to Codorus State Park with a beautiful lake for fishing, camping, canoeing and natural photography. If you're hungry after your trip to the park, you can venture to Hershey’s Chocolate World for an amazing experience like no other! If sweets aren't your thing, then maybe the UTZ Potato Chip factory will satisfy your needs. At the factory you are able to see how potato chips are made and even try some you've never had.

About Mooring Financial
Founded in 1982 and based in Tysons, Virginia, Mooring Financial Corporation is a private investment firm that manages alternative assets for high net worth individual and institutional investors. Mooring Financial Corporation manages two hedge funds. Our main fund invests in distressed commercial real estate loans as well as other assets.