Time Station 54: Annapolis with Lauren

Len has arrived at the final checkpoint before the finish line in Annapolis! Thank you to Chesapeake Real Estate Group for supporting the Race for Hope at TS54. Len dedicates this last segment of the race to 15 year-old Lauren from New Windsor, Maryland. Her family shares with us:

"Lauren’s tough journey started in June of 2014 that is when she was diagnosed with CML leukemia. Due to time away from home Lauren missed the seventh grade and the first half of the eighth grade. However, through Hopecam Lauren was able to connect with her family and friends. Though Lauren has had a rough journey, Hopecam has been a constant for her. She has school online, connects to the world, learns, and is able to keep up with her friends. Now that she and her friends are older it is harder for them to keep in touch, but Hopecam is still a constant in her life. Thank you so much for the ability to support her education and for connecting her with the world!"

About Annapolis
Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and is equal distance between Baltimore and Washington D.C.  It is the oldest capital with the oldest capital building still in use in the U.S. Annapolis was founded in 1694 by Puritan exiles from Virginia. It had several names such as Providence and Anne Arundel Town until it was finally named Annapolis after Princess Anne, who was the heir to the British throne. After the Revolutionary War was fought Annapolis was host to many important events like the meetings of Congress and Washington's resignation from command of the Continental Army in 1783. The Annapolis Convention was held in 1786, which is considered the precursor to the Constitutional Convention.

Today, Annapolis is well known as the location of the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis has a population of 34,394 residents. The same brick filled streets and sidewalks that the Founding Fathers walked on are still in place today, as are many of the houses and buildings. Besides the capital building, the hotel and tavern where the first Treaty of Paris, ending the Revolutionary War, was written still stands today.

About Chesapeake Real Estate Group
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