Carol Kaffenberger 

Associate Professor Emerita, George Mason UNIVERSITY

Dr. Carol Kaffenberger is an associate professor emerita at George Mason University and a faculty associate at Johns Hopkins University. She is the author of several professional publications. Among Dr. Kaffenberger's many research interests in helping children with chronic illnesses - something she has experienced personally.

In 1992, her daughter Sarah was diagnosed with AML (acute meylogenous leukemia) and experienced the social isolation that accompanies long hospitalizations. Her daughter is now fully recovered, has graduated from Duke University and has gone on to earn a doctoral degree in educational psychology.

Dr. Kaffenberger has developed training and resource materials for school counselors to help them support students with cancer and chronic illness. She is a strong advocate for Hopecam and its efforts to keep homebound children connected to their school, a step she believes is critical to a child's recovery and re-entry to school.