Hopecam is all about friends—those social connections that support us and cheer us on. We give tablet computers to kids with cancer and other life threatening diseases, pay for Internet access if the family needs it, then work to persuade the schools to connect with the child during treatment. As Ava, a five-year old diagnosed with Leukemia, says, "When I see my friends I feel happy!"


Hopecam is the only charity in the world providing this necessary program for seriously ill children.  

The average cost of connecting a child is about $1,000. 90% of the children helped by Hopecam attend Title 1 (low-income) schools, and 50% cannot afford internet access, which Hopecam provides.  Hopecam helps children living in 47 states and abroad.

Your gift today will transform a child's life.  Thank you!

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Hopecam, 12100 Sunset Hills Road, 
Suite C10, Reston, VA 20190

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