Day 2 RAAM

Everyday for the next 12 days Len is honoring a different Hopecam child.  You can read about each of the children here: Daily Honored Children.  He is also dedicating each of his 55 time-stops across the United States to 55 children that have or had cancer.  Read about each of these amazing children here: Time-station Children.

Len dedicates his 'RAAM Day 2' ride to Mary.


The crew is working great together. Everything seems to be in their favor this year - vehicles are better organized (and they have a big RV thanks to Beckley's Camping Center), Len has 2 massage therapists Charlly Enroth and Matt Jacob, they have a professional chef Brandon Snow, better technology, and the weather is perfect. (Don't let us down Mother Nature). Thanks again to Earth Networks for providing the crew real time data of the weather conditions.

Yesterday there was a bad crash at the 'Glass Elevator' portion of the ride involving a fellow RAAM competitor. The 'Glass Elevator' is a 10-mile descent (which drops 3626 feet before reaching Borrego Springs).  It is a stunningly beautiful yet a treacherous and fast decent. Wayne from our crew stopped to help the injured cyclist and help direct traffic until ambulances could arrive to assist them. It took about an hour for our crew to regroup and everyone was back together safe and sound.  We are praying for a speedy recovery for him.

Len was averaging about 16 mph yesterday.  He took 3 naps for about 5 minutes each.  It is very difficult riding in the night after 17+ hours on a bike, just trying to stay awake and focused is a challenge, but when the sun comes up your mind mentally awakens and you feel refreshed. 

Len arrived at TS03 around 6 am PST this morning. He took a much needed break and received a massage after being on the bike since 1 pm.  Len continued to ride throughout the day.  He cycled through the state of California and into Arizona and the desert heat.  Fortunately the weather is in Len's favor as its about 15 degrees cooler than it was back in 2012. In 2012 when Len participated in Race Across America the first time, the desert was 120 degrees with a strong head wind and he could only cycle 8 miles an hour because of the conditions! Early this morning the desert was a pleasant and dry 97 degrees, later this afternoon up to a toasty 106.  Len's goal for today is to ride through and OUT of the hot Arizona desert.

Update: On Day 2 of RAAM, Len cycled 211 miles with an elevation of 7,861 ft, averaging a speed of 14 miles an hour, and a Strava Suffer Score of 329.   The Strava Suffer Score is an analysis of your heart rate data. The more time you spend going full steam ahead and the longer you ride, the higher the score.