Meet Zoë, a 6 year old from Stockton.

"Zoë was diagnosed in March 2016 with a type of brain tumor-craniopharyngioma. The tumor was removed, however, it continued to grow. In July 2016 we went to St. Jude for proton radiation.

We spent ten weeks there, and six of those ten weeks were spent at the Ronald McDonald House. This is where we were introduced to Hopecam, and Zoë was so excited that she was getting a tablet. Having a tablet at the Ronald McDonald House really did make the long days shorter, and Zoë really enjoyed YouTube, playing video games, singing, and reading.

Fortunately for us, Zoë only missed two and a half weeks of school, so we did not have a chance to use Skype with her school. However, Zoë truly appreciated receiving the Hopecam tablet and her shirt. She was really really grateful and used the tablet daily; she continues to use it now that we are back home. We are so honored to be selected to be a part of this journey." --Chelia, parent of Zoë