We remember Len's friend 12 year-old Alex from Haymarket, Virginia, who passed on June 5, 2016, after bravely battling for more than half of his life. Thank you to Jennifer for sharing this message for Len with us:

"Alex was diagnosed with a Stage IV Wilms Tumor in October 2009 when he was 5 years old. He went through the initial treatment of chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries and was considered stable by May 2010. He was stable for almost 2 years, however his scans revealed he had relapsed just before the 2-year mark.

Just when we thought we knew what to expect after Alex went in for the surgery to remove the regrown tumor, there were complications and he became paralyzed from the waist down. Determined and strong Alex would amaze the nurses with his will to walk and play sports despite his injury. He learned to play sled hockey, wheelchair basketball; he even tried out rugby (a.k.a.  murderball) with the men's D.C. rugby team during a time when he was neutropenic.

Overall Alex endured over 17 surgeries, countless chemotherapy regimens and clinical trials, countless blood transfusions, cryoablation procedures (one which paralyzed his right hand), and over 30 rounds of radiation. Alex was kind and compassionate to others, he loved his little brother and little sister, his friends and family. 

Alex went on to hospice care in March 2016 and was a part of the decision to do so. He had an amazing peace and faith in him, he was not afraid of death - only of leaving his family.  Alex passed away on June 5th with his dad and mom by his side. We miss him more and more with each passing day but we know he remains with us. We also know without a doubt he would be honored to go with you once again on your journey, Len, across the US!

Please know we will be praying with you and following your journey all along the way! We know Alex will be with you pushing you along whenever you need a little push - or waking you up when you need woken up! God bless all that you do, thank you to you and your family for not only the support you provided through Hopecam, but for becoming a friend to Alex and our family!"