Meet 16 year-old Chuy from Buda, Texas.  Parent Ashley writes:

"Jesus is 16 years old and he likes to be called Chuy. He was diagnosed on December 29, 2016 with metastatic Ewing's sarcoma of the sacrum. He started chemo Jan 4, 2017 at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, Texas. This was an unexpected journey but we are fortunate to have met such wonderful people along the way. He has completed 8 complete cycles of chemo and actually today he has finished 31 treatments of photon therapy radiation!

Hopecam has definitely been a lifesaver for communicating with friends, family and teachers. It has brightened up his days on the gloomiest. We really are grateful for Hopecam! It is a LIFESAVER! We are currently being admitted for a 5 day chemo and Hopecam is in his pocket lol."