Day 7 RAAM


As of 11 AM Tuesday June 20, Len has cycled a distance of 1815.0 miles.

On Day 7 of RAAM, he cycled 325 miles, averaging a speed of 16 miles an hour, and a Strava Suffer Score of 259.  The Strava Suffer Score is an analysis of your heart rate data. The more time you spend going full steam ahead and the longer you ride, the higher the score.

Len Forkas Strava Data Monday June 19th

Len Forkas Strava Data Monday June 19th

Len started the day yesterday at 2:30 am, he slept for about 2 hours before starting out.  Once Len reached the halfway point at Pratt, Kansas, his crew serenaded him with an appropriate song, see the video below.

He has cycled all night and is still riding as I am writing this blog post.  He plans to ride 300 miles and sleep later today when the weather is warmer, as its better to ride at night in the cooler temps than in the scorching sun.  He will take a 15 minute or 30 minute nap and keep going.  He is a machine.

Charlly Enroth left yesterday as he had another commitment to attend to.  He was such an asset and joy to have on the team, they miss you already Charlly!  Brian Daum and Steve Gurney joined the team in Wichita, KS yesterday to provide relief to the crew, bringing with them 'good vibes only'.


As the crew was looking for bike parts yesterday in Kansas they came to RANS Bikes in Montezuma, KS.  There they met Jerrell Nichols the owner of RANS, a recumbent bike manufacturer. When the crew told him that we were doing RAAM, Jerrell gave us the part and said 'Merry Christmas'. They couldn't believe his generosity. Wayne our bike mechanic proceeded to tell Jerrell about Hopecam and Jerrell shared that his son Dylan was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 2 years old. Dylan is doing well today. Jerrell shared how several family members had to face cancer. We are amazed at the wonderful people that we encounter along the way and Jerrell certainly encapsulates what is great in America!

As with all riders 'Saddle Sores' are common with such an extreme ride, Len is unfortunately experiencing this as well.  These can be very painful especially on such a long ride and still having to cycle 1500 miles.  Thankfully Len has an amazing medic on the team (Brandon Snow) and he is able to keep Len pain free while he rides.  Len also experienced an odd rash early this week, his Doctor (Dr. Mark Rubinstein) who is available to him 24/7 started him on a course of antibiotics and he is doing much better.  Although not the ideal situation being on antibiotics while riding across America, as with all antibiotics they can mess with your stomach.  His nutrition has been funky over the past few days as well, he is starting on protein substitutes instead of nuts.  He has 2 vegans on his journey with him; Matt his son and Matt the massage therapist to help aid with his nutrition.

Len's goal to TS35 is to be faster, steady and smart.  He is thankful he has such a great group of people and friends behind him on his crew, and all the love and support he is receiving from everyone!  

Apparently everything is bigger in Kansas, look at the size of the farm machinery!