Meet 17 year-old Megan from Barbourville, Kentucky.  Thank you to Megan's parent Courtney for sharing her story:

"Megan was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma after having complaints of mild leg pain that we thought was a pulled muscle. The day after her diagnosis she went to school and told her friends the news, not realizing that that would be the last day she would attend school for her junior year. That was also the last time she saw her friends.

Suddenly it was appointments, scans, surgeries, chemo, radiation, and sickness. Megan has remained in touch with her friends through texting and phone calls but Megan loves school. She is one of those rare teenagers that appreciates a good teacher and being academically challenged. Hopecam has provided a way for Megan to stay in touch with her classmates, her friends and the teachers she admires.

It is hard enough missing prom, not being able to practice driving so she can get her license and not being physically present at school on top of nausea, hair loss, and daily medical trips but add social isolation on top and you are cutting off childhood for a teenager. We want to thank Hopecam for giving a little bit of that back. We hope many other children receive this blessing as well."