Day 11 RAAM


On Day 11 of RAAM, he cycled 269 miles, averaging a speed of 16 miles an hour, and a Strava Suffer Score of 284.  The Strava Suffer Score is an analysis of your heart rate data. The more time you spend going full steam ahead and the longer you ride, the higher the score.

From Crew Chief John Moore: 

"I'll be talking about what Len did yesterday for the rest of my life!  With a huge effort needed and a tropical storm parked on top of us, Len pedaled in a steady rain for about 12 hours to get us back on schedule and make our odds of finishing good again!  We started in Oxford, Ohio, 2 hours behind schedule when an easy looking stage that turned into a nightmare - steep hills, and featureless farmland turned into a punishing combo on a dark moonless night. Imagine finding your way across a giant checkerboard in the dark with nothing to provide perspective or boundaries, and disqualification if you miss a turn.  Instead of being on the road at 4 am as planned - we didn't start until 6:30 am, which slowed us further as morning traffic got in the way - so instead of having 100 miles behind us by noon we had only about 50 - leaving us 200 miles to do with flash-flood warnings starting to go off on our phones. 

The rain came - thankfully mostly straight-down and warm enough not to require a jacket - but non stop from noon 'til midnight. Len stayed focused and determined throughout.  Fun fact - the crew secretly cheered when Len's iPhone went dead after the rain made it unresponsive. Len is famous for fiddling with electronics and we were glad to see his handlebars cleared for action.

The final stage to West Union was almost anticlimactic - Len powered up the climbs and stayed focused through the night as we pulled into the days final Time Station at 4:00am. As I write this at Saturday 7:15 am  - he's already been out on the road for an hour is looking strong for a mid-day finish in Annapolis on Sunday."