Meet Jacob who is 12 years old from Bethesda, Maryland.  Jacob's parent Tomara writes:

"Jacob’s journey began in Germany, where our family had been living at the time. He had a regular doctor’s appointment in 2015. He mentioned that his hip hurt. No big deal; a growing 10 year-old boy is bound to have aches and pains. Then he “hurt” his foot and he started to noticeably lose weight.

One week later we made the trek to Landstuhl Hospital to see the pediatrician. They said Jacob had leukemia and that treatment needed to start right away. We ended up on a flight from Ramstein, Germany to Walter Reed Army Medical Center the next day. He flew in on a Wounded Warrior flight, full of injured or emergency evac soldiers and airmen.

We were so disconnected. Our family was in Germany while our extended family on the west coast. While at Walter Reed, we were connected with the Hopecam organization. They blessed Jacob with a tablet, but that wasn’t everything. They offered us a wi-fi hotspot with unlimited data. What an enormous blessing! Some treatments kept Jacob away from family and church friends for weeks at a time. He was able to Skype and I watched his face light up as he reconnected. He still has a full 16 months left of treatment but he is ornery and full of energy!"