Meet 8 year-old Chloe from Luray, Virginia.  Her mother Katie shares this story with us:

"On August 4th 2014 my life changed forever. This was the day my husband and I had to accept that our daughter had cancer. My world was shattered. Nothing made sense that day, and the only thing we did know was that Chloe would beat Leukemia and grow up to be an amazing woman with a remarkable story to tell.

Every day, Chloe’s bravery and determination impressed me more and more. Chloe was always smiling, dancing, making people laugh. Her spirit, sass, and spunk is beyond a blessing to see day in and day out. On Monday December 19th, 2016 Chloe took her last dose of oral chemo. Chloe completed 867 days in treatment. Throughout Chloe's treatment she was able to stay connected to her family and friends through Hopecam. Hopecam provided a tablet for Chloe to Skype with her classmates at school and family that were unable to visit her at the hospital. Chloe even Skyped with her cousin at Christmas so they could write their Santa letters together. Hopecam was able to keep Chloe connected to her loved ones and helped take her mind off the chemo."