Meet 9 year-old Ben who is from Falls Church, Virginia.  Ben's parent Leslie writes:

"In June of 2015, an MRI revealed that Ben had a brain tumor, specifically, Medulloblastoma. The next few months would prove to be incredibly difficult as he endured two brain surgeries and 30 radiation treatments to his brain and spine, and seemingly endless physical therapy and rehab at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, MD.

In September, when boys his age were going back to school and enjoying friends, sports and fun, Ben was fighting at Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) in DC as he began a treatment protocol that entailed high dose chemotherapy, blood transfusions, stem-cell harvesting, and infusions. Ben powered through these procedures over 4 months – spending half of each month in the hospital either getting medicine or waiting for his immune system to rebound from the treatments. The iPad program through Hopecam provided Ben a way to stay in touch with his classmates and enjoy some classroom time observing projects and lessons in 2nd grade. Ben often used FaceTime to communicate with friends when he was feeling up to it."