Become a Hopecam Volunteer

Sam Rosko - Hopecam Volunteer Coordinator

Sam Rosko - Hopecam Volunteer Coordinator

Hopecam has a simple mission: to overcome the social isolation experienced by children undergoing treatment for cancer. Hopecam relies on the kindness of volunteers.

There are a variety of opportunities that can accommodate the skills and talents of you and/or your group. Whether you are looking for a long-term volunteer position working a scheduled shift, or a short-term volunteer opportunity, we invite you to help children connect with life and beat isolation. 

Short Term Volunteer Opportunities

  • Assisting with Hopecam events.  We have various events throughout the year.

  • Creating flyers to help promote Hopecam.

  • Skilled-based or Pro-Bono Services.

  • Back up/on call volunteers.

  • Organizing your own fundraiser. Hosting a fundraiser is a great way to support Hopecam!  Please contact Sam Rosko at if you are interested in fundraising and would like additional information.

Long Term Volunteer Opportunities

Administrative Support

  • Day-to-day tasks vary greatly. Duties may include scanning, faxing, making copies, organizing, monitoring inventory, and filing. The Administrative Support also assists staff with pop up projects that occur on weekly bases.

Data Entry Volunteer

  • Enters new Hopecam children applications into our database. This position also involves minimal research. Must have basic computer and internet skills.

Intake Volunteer

  • Completes intake once a Hopecam Child application arrives and is placed in the database. This volunteer collects general information to see if the applicant qualifies for Hopecam. The volunteer informs families on how Hopecam can help defeat isolation and keep the child connected with their school, friends, and family while undergoing treatment. The intake volunteer must feel comfortable speaking with families. Bilingual opportunities are available as well.

Equipment Set Up Volunteer

  • Personalizes tablet for the Hopecam Child, and puts together a welcome packet for schools and/or families. Customizes documents for child/school, and mails out welcome packets in office. The equipment set up volunteer must have basic computer skills.

Family Liaison

  • The family liaison is responsible for supporting Hopecam and families with their experience. The family liaison will also perform monthly check-ins with families as well as follow ups to ensure families are satisfied and receiving the best and the most they can out of connecting with their schools. The family liaison must feel comfortable speaking with families, and have basic computer skills.  Bilingual opportunities are available as well.

School Liaison

  • The school liaison is responsible for supporting Hopecam Children in making sure they connect successfully with their schools. The school liaison serves as a resource to the schools to make sure Hopecam Children are able to connect with their classmates and enjoy their favorite class and/or activity. The school liaison must feel comfortable with calling children’s schools and have basic computer skills.

Grant Researcher

  • The grant research volunteer is responsible for researching available applicable grants throughout the United States. This volunteer will also help fill out applications, assembles the background material for grant proposals, and manage/track Hopecam’s existing grants. Must have computer and internet knowledge and time management skills.

Bilingual Volunteer

  • If you fluently speak a native language and are interested with helping Hopecam please let us know! We are always looking for volunteers who can translate documents, and speak with families who speak other languages fluently. 

Skilled-based or Pro-bono Services

  • If you have a special talent such as photography, videography, IT, graphic design, fundraising, writing, etc., we might have the job for you!

Please complete our Volunteer Application Form, and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch!  If you have any additional questions, or would like to speak about our opportunities please contact Sam Rosko at or 571-325-2070.