For Families

We know this is a difficult time for you and your child. Hopecam’s goal is to help alleviate the stress that isolation can place on a child with cancer. Socializing has a huge impact on the well being and spirit of a child who is sick. We hope that Hopecam will help your child, as we have helped hundreds of other children stay connected to their friends, family and classmates.

As a mother, watching my son go through all the surgeries and chemotherapy and other difficulties, not to mention a husband/father 600 miles away with our other two sons, Hopecam is a Godsend! Thank you for giving Ivory this connection to the outside world while in isolation. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!
— Love, the Grant Family

Below are helpful instructions for getting your child connected with Hopecam. You will also find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and tips for an easy connection.



Submit a Referral

To begin, you, or your child’s social worker, guidance counselor or Child Life specialist, will need to fill out an application. You can find the application here.

Once your application has been received, we will contact you within three weeks. If you are not contacted after three weeks, please email or call 703-364-5607



Initial COntact

We will contact you to discuss your child’s technology needs and talk about the Hopecam program. We’ll go over basic questions, such as: Do you have high-speed internet in the home? Does your child have access to a computer on a regular basis? How long will your child be homebound?

We will get your child set up with the right equipment and technology. Our tablets come installed with a video conferencing app. 



Connecting with the SChool

Once your child is all set with their equipment, we work with the school to introduce them to Hopecam and get them on board. It is often helpful if you have given the guidance counselor, principal or teacher a heads up about Hopecam.

Generally, schools can use their own computers for Hopecam and we provide the webcam. In special circumstances, we lend the school a laptop.

We work with administrators, teachers, guidance counselors and tech staff to set up Hopecam in your child’s classroom. This process typically takes one to two months, depending on circumstances.



The Connection

Once the school is set up with a web camera and the video conferencing application, we help the family and the teacher agree on a schedule and style of a connection. We always recommend a test call be done first between the teacher and the child before inviting the rest of the class in on the call.

Teachers have a lot going on in their classrooms, and Hopecam is one more thing that we ask teachers to take on. We ask that you remember that the teacher, or staff member, is doing Hopecam voluntarily because they understand the impact it can have on a homebound child.

Keep in touch with your child’s teacher using email and let them know ahead of time if you have to cancel a connection.



Keep us Posted

We love to get pictures of kids using Hopecam! Send us photos of your child with their tablet and send us updates on their progress.



After Homebound

Your child's tablet is a gift that they may keep after they return to school.

Help us spread the word! Share your story with the media, Facebook, our newsletter and blogs to help us get the word out about Hopecam. Tell your school board, school nurses and homebound coordinators about the impact Hopecam had on your child.

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