Refer a Child

If you know of a child who will benefit from Hopecam services, please send them a link to our online application or printable application.

Applications may be faxed to 571-375-7157 or mailed to:

12100 Sunset Hills Rd
Suite C10
Reston, VA 20190

Once your referral is received, a Hopecam team member will contact you within 3 weeks.



family Assessment

In order to help children and teens connect to their friends, family, and/or classmates, a Hopecam team member will conduct an initial assessment with a parent or guardian to determine eligibility, assess technology needs, and develop a connection plan that works best for the family. 

A Hopecam Welcome Packet is sent to the child or teen if he or she qualifies for Hopecam services. 



School Connection

Hopecam works with school administrators, teachers, school social workers, school counselors and IT personnel to introduce a Hopecam connection. If the school agrees to participate, we will coordinate a schedule with the school and family to run a video conferencing test-call and regular video conferencing connection schedule.

This process takes anywhere from one to two months depending on family and school circumstances.  



Keep Us Posted

We love receiving pictures of our Hopecam kids! Please send us your pictures, cards, stories, or videos.