AWS DeepLens Health Challenge

Hopecam's founder, Len Forkas, talks about how you can use AWS DeepLens to boost mental or physical health and support children overcome challenges with cancer.

What is the AWS DeepLens Health Challenge?

*For the Health Challenge, you can use your DeepLens to develop a project about boosting your mental or physical health. Think of something in your life you want to improve, and figure out how DeepLens and AI might help get you there. We’re hoping to see projects that range from helping patients with chronic diseases through to yoga pose recognitions and exercise counting.

*excerpt from AWS DeepLens Challenge

Giving back
For each project that meets the AWS DeepLens Health Challenge entry criteria, AWS will give you $50 in AWS credits, and Hopecam will receive $249 from AWS!

Learn more about the Health Challenge at - AWS DeepLens Health Challenge.